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Let us consider an application layer payload of 24 bytes. Then, the overheads in each layer are as follows:

Application layer -- Payload = 24 Bytes 

Transport layer -- 8 bytes Overhead = 32 Bytes (Total) 

Network layer -- 28 bytes Overhead which consists of 20 of DSR + 8 IP = 60 Bytes (Total) 

MAC Layer -- 5 Byes Overhead = 65 Bytes (Total) 

PHY Layer -- 6 Bytes 

Overhead = 47 Bytes

Total Packet size = 71 Bytes (Payload+Overhead)

Users can consider the packet size as either 24 or of 71 depending on whether they need Application throughput or Phy Throughput. 

Users should convert packet size to bits by multiplying by 8, and the simulation time given by NetSim is in Microseconds, so it should be converted it to seconds by dividing by 1,000,000.

Note: From v11 onward, users can set the preferred packet size in the application configuration window.