NetSim Simulation. v13. (installs locally)

  1. Processor: i3 equivalent or above
  2. Disk: Min 3 GB of free space
  3. RAM: Min - 4GB RAM. Recommended - 8 GB
  4. Graphics: Monitor resolution, Min 1024*768 Min. Optimal Scale and Layout setting - 100%
  5. Operating system:
    • Win 8, Win 10, Win server 2012, 2016, and 2018. Language: English. 
    • Recommended: Win 10, 64 Bit
    • Administrative rights required for installation
  6. Software: MS Office 2013 or above, Adobe Reader
  7. Development Tools: MS Visual Studio -- Community Edition or Higher
    • NetSim v8 / v9 -- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is required for writing and debugging custom code
    • NetSim v10 / v11 -- Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (or Higher) is required for writing and debugging custom code
    • NetSim v12 -- Microsoft Visual Studio 2019

Special Configuration Requirements for Emulator Add-on

Processor: i7 10th generation or higher, 16GB RAM or higher; 3200 MHz or above (termed as DDR4 3200), Win 10 64bit OS, SSD Hard drive


License Server (for running HostID/Dongle locked floating licenses, not applicable for node-locked licenses):

Any one system will have to be made the license server, and it is to this PC that the dongle will be connected. The dongle is a USB device that controls the licensing. Any PC can act as a server and the system (hardware / OS) requirements is the same as that applicable for NetSim clients. USB Port is required for connecting and running the dongle. 

Client systems should be able to communicate with the license server through the network.

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