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GET_RX_POWER_mw(tx, txi, rx, rxi, time) is the API to get the received power(mW) and

GET_RX_POWER_dbm(tx, txi, rx, rxi, time) is the API to get the received power(dBm),

between wireless devices which is available in IEEE802_11_Phy.h.


    tx is the transmitter Id,

    rx is the receiver Id and 

    txi is the interface id of the transmitter

    rxi is the interface id of the receiver

    time is the current event time (pstruEventDetails->dEventTime)


double Received_Power = GET_RX_POWER_mw(pstruEventDetails->pPacket->nTransmitterId, nTid, pstruEventDetails->pPacket->nReceiverId, nRid, pstruEventDetails->dEventTime);

Where nTid and nRid are contains the Transmitter interface ID and Receiver intrface ID respectively.