Applicable VersionAll ( Academic, Standard, Professional)
Applicable Releasesv12 and higher

An unattended installation of NetSim can be performed via the command line by passing a few additional arguments to the executable (.exe) as shown below.

Command: <NetSimSetup.exe><space>/S<space>/silent=1
Example: NetSim_Standard_13_2_35_HW_64bit.exe /S /silent=1

Please follow the steps given below to install NetSim silently:

  1. Open Command prompt, and change the current directory to the path where NetSim software setup (.exe) is present.
  2. To the exe pass run-time arguments /S and /silent=1 as illustrated below:

  1. NetSim installation along with the associated third-party tools may take 5-10 minutes.
  2. In order to verify whether the installation is complete:
    • Once NetSim shortcut is created in the desktop, right-click on it and select "Open file location". This will take you to <NetSim_Install_Direcory>/bin/netcoreapp3.1 folder. 
    • Go to the previous directory that is <NetSim_Install_Direcory> i.e. C:\Program Files\NetSim\Standard_v13_2 and check if uninstaller (uninst.exe) has got created. 

  • Else wait till it gets created.
  1. Double-click on the NetSim shortcut created on the desktop to start NetSim.
  2. Installation can be considered successful if the NetSim License Screen, asking for the NetSim License Server IP address is displayed as shown below:


If the installation of the third-party tool is unsuccessful, please install it manually from C:\Program Files\NetSim\Standard_v13_2\Third_Party_Softwares. Refer screenshot given below.

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