Upon downloading any file exchange project from NetSim File Exchange (http://www.tetcos.com/file-exchange.html), users can perform the following steps which will help in quickly running projects involving MATLAB interfacing:

1.  Create a new Environment variable with name and value as shown below:

The variable value will change depending on the version of MATLAB installed on your PC. MATLAB's Root directory path is used for this purpose. 

2. If the project is associated with any MATLAB Script(.m) files, then place them in MATLAB's Root directory for which we had set a ENV variable.

3. Open the source codes of the project in Visual Studio and build it to obtain the modified DLL's associated to the project. 

4. Rename the respective original DLL's in the bin folder of NetSim and replace the newly obtained DLL's in bin.

5. Open the sample configuration file associated with the project and run the simulation.