If you have multiple NetSim license dongles and wish to connect them and run the license server in a centralized server, it can be done using the following steps (considering the case of two dongles):

1. Create a new folder and paste the license files (.lic) of both the dongles in it. If the name of the license files is similar for both the dongles, it can be renamed suitably to avoid the conflict.

2. Paste only one copy of rlm.exe and tetcos.exe in the new folder that is created.

3. After ensuring that you have successfully installed the drivers for the dongle connect both the dongles to the system and see if they are glowing in red(this means that the dongle drivers are installed successfully).

4. Now run the rlm.exe from the new folder that was created, which contains the license files of both the dongles.

In this way license files of multiple dongles can be hosted on the same server.