Note: The following procedure applies to Windows 10 Operating system only. Users with other versions of Windows can use third-party video capture tools (Link to a list of common tools) to save NetSim packet animation as a video.

To quickly capture NetSim packet animation, launch the packet animation window. Before playing the animation, press Windows logo key + G on the keyboard to open Game bar. (or Select windows settings and then select Gaming option for Game bar related settings)

Select the checkbox "yes, this is a game" option. Once you select yes Game bar recording window will open as shown below now start recording by pressing record option. (Shortcut to start recording: Windows logo key + Alt + R) Now start playing the animation in NetSim using play button in packet animation window.

Once the animation has been recorded stop recording (Shortcut to stop recording: Windows logo key + Alt + R). Recorded clips will be saved in windows default videos folder  (Eg: C:\Users\TETCOS\Videos\Captures)