To get started with NetSim network Simulator, you can go through the following resources:

1. NetSim User Manual which will be available in systems where NetSim is installed  (<NetSim_Install_Directory>/Docs/HelpFile).

2. NetSim Experiment Manual  (<NetSim_Install_Directory>/Docs/HelpFile

3. NetSim Knowledge Base ( - Consists of a number of technical articles on various network technologies and associated FAQs.

4. NetSim File Exchange ( - consists of sample R & D projects related to different network technologies along with source code and documentation.

5. TETCOS Youtube page ( - contains a lot of videos on NetSim features, projects, monthly webinar recordings, interfacing with other tools, etc.

6. Support Portal ( - Users can signup here and raise new support tickets if they face any difficulty with using the software and also keep track of ticket history.

7. GitHub Repositories ( ) - Users can clone or fork repositories of existing R&D projects done using NetSim and follow the page to get updates.

8. ResearchGate ( - Engage in community discussions to get the opinion from an active group of NetSim users in the ResearchGate portal.

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Further, for understanding how to setup/configure LAN/WAN, Routers, Routing protocols like RIP/OSPD, Switches, WLAN, etc you can look through the following.

Internetworks Technology Library Manual sections
  • 2 Simulation GUI 
  • 3.1 WLAN 802.11
  • 3.2 Layer 2 (L2) Ethernet Switching 
  • 3.3 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF v2) Routing Protocol
  • 4 Featured Examples 
User Manual sections
  • 5.1 Internetworks 
Experiments Manual sections
  • 5 Understand working of ARP, and IP Forwarding within a LAN and across a router 
  • 6 Simulate and study the spanning tree protocol 
  • 10 Study how throughput and error of a Wireless LAN network changes as the distance between the Access Point and the wireless nodes is varied 
  • 14 Multi-AP Wi-Fi Networks: Channel Allocation 
  • 16 Study the working and routing table formation of Interior routing protocols, i.e. Routing Information Protocol (RIP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) 
  • 25 Understand the working of OSPF
  • 29 Understanding VLAN operation in L2 and L3 Switches 
  • 30 Understanding Access and Trunk Links in VLANs
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NetSim home page: