Till NetSim v10.1 only single MANETs could be simulated in NetSim. Multiple MANETs module was introduced from NetSim v10.2. 

Note: From Netsim v11.0 onwards, Adhoc link has been introduced to connect devices in infrastructure-less networks like MANET/Multiple-MANET, WSN, etc. Users can connect wireless nodes and bridge nodes with each other using the Adhoc link.  In order to observe packet flow between different MANETs, static routes have to be configured in the bridge nodes.

Refer the following articles to configure static routes in Netsim:



Applicable Releasesv11v12v13

NetSim Multiple MANETs module consists of Bridge nodes that can be used to establish communication between two or more MANETs in a network scenario. Multiple Bridge nodes can be added to the network scenario.

Bridge nodes can be connected to each other using either P2P wired/wireless links. Bridge nodes and Wireless nodes connected to its interface share a multipoint to multipoint link.

Applicable Releasev10.2

Multiple MANET networks can be configured using the configuration window.

MANETs can be added or removed. In each MANET member nodes can be selected from the drop-down. Members can be removed and reconfigured to a different MANET if required. In the case of Bridge Nodes, the interface can be selected. Further Multipoint to Multipoint links shared within a MANET can be configured using Configure Link Properties link.