• Select any network device from the ribbon by left-clicking on it. The device drop-down on the top ribbon, will respond to left and right-click. But to select a device you will have to do left click only. 
  • The cursor will now show a small device icon attached to it.
  • Place a device by left-clicking on the environment.
  • De-select a device by using the right-click or using the escape key.
  • In order to connect two devices, you will have to select the link and then left-click on one device, free the mouse button, and then click on the second device and free the mouse button. Always click on the center of the Device. 
  • Clicking on the device name will not work. Performing a double click will throw an error. Clicking and dragging without freeing the mouse pointer would displace the device in the environment. The wired links may disappear if you right-click anywhere in the Environment. 
  • To connect the wired node and switch use wired link whereas to connect wireless node and access point use the wireless link.  
  • To remove a device, right-click and remove connections to and from the device and then right-click on the device and remove it.  
  • Click and drop Applications to generate traffic. To generate multiple applications use the add button available in Application -> Properties. Configure Applications by right-clicking on it and setting properties.
  • Enable packet trace or/and event trace for packet log or/and event log details (optional).  
  • Enable dynamic metrics to monitor the value of a parameter over simulation time (optional).  
  • Click Run Simulation and set the simulation time to simulate.  
  • To get detailed help on Internetworks, please refer to NetSim Help file-> Running Simulation via GUI.

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