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Right-click on Solution 'NetSim' in the Solution Explorer and select Retarget solution

check if 8.1 is listed under the Windows SDK Version drop-down list.

If Windows SDK Version 8.1 is listed:

If 8.1 is listed but still you aren't able to retarget solution, go back to <NetSim_Install Directory>/src directory, right-click on the Simulation folder and select properties to get the Simulation Properties window as shown below:

Disable the Read-Only checkbox and click on the Apply button. Try to retarget the solution after this.

If Windows SDK Version 8.1 is not listed:

This happens if all necessary components of Visual Studio were not installed in your system. To verify this,

1. Open Visual Studio

2. Go to Tools->Get Tools and Features

3. Visual Studio Installer Window Appears as shown below:


Note: If Visual Studio Installer prompts you for an Update, proceed with the Update.

4. Once the installer loads, ensure that the following components are already selected (i.e, installed).

NetSim requires only a few components of Visual Studio Community 2017 edition to be installed. Upon starting the installer:

  • Under the Workloads tab users check if Desktop Development with C++ is selected already. Else select it as shown below:

  • Under the Individual components tab check if VC++2015.3 V140 toolset for desktop (x86,x64) is selected already. Else select it as shown below:

  • Proceed with the installation of missing components if any, by clicking on the Modify button which appears in the bottom right as shown below:


5. After installation, attempt to open NetSim v10 source codes, the Retarget Solution Actions window will pop up as shown below.

If the Retarget Solution Actions Window doesn't open automatically, Right-click on "Solution 'NetSim'" heading on top of the Solution Explorer window and select "Retarget solution" as shown below:


6. Users should select 8.1 from Windows SDK Version list and click on the OK button. This is done since NetSim source codes were built in Visual Studio 2015 but we are attempting to open it in Visual Studio 2017. Please note that this need not be done each time the source codes are opened. Visual studio will not prompt to Retarget Projects when opened the second time.

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