• Beacon enabled and beacon disabled mode. 
  • In beacon enabled mode NetSim supports slotted CSMA/CA with Active & Inactive Period (controlled by Beacon order and super-frame order parameters)
  • GTS is not implemented

Data Transfer Model 

  • Device to co-ordinator, Co-ordinator to device and Device to device (peer to peer topology)
  • AckRequestFlag - If set the device acknowledges successful reception of the data frame by transmitting an ack frame


  • Beacon 
  • Data
  • Acknowledgement

CSMA / CA Mechanism

  • Non beacon mode uses unslotted CSMA/CA
  • Beacon mode uses slotted CSMA/CA

Power Model

  • Power source: 
    • Main Line
    • Battery model which logs Initial energy, consumed energy and remaining energy
    • Energy Harvesting
  • Consumption Modes
    • Transmit
    • Receive
    • Idle
    • Sleep

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