Applicable VersionsNetSim StandardNetSim Pro

Applicable Releasesv11.1v12


Part-A: Cloning the workspace from GitHub repository

The following example shows how to clone/download a NetSim File Exchange Project repository from GitHub using Visual Studio. 


Visual Studio ( )

Git Hub Extension for Visual Studio ( )


  1. Copy the Secure URL for the GitHub repository provided in the File Exchange Project Documentation.

  2. In Visual Studio, choose the Team Explorer tab to open Team Explorer. If you don't see the tab, open it from View > Team Explorer.

  3. In Team Explorer, under the Local Git Repositories section, choose the Clone command

  4. Paste the URL of the File Exchange Project copied from the project documentation. (In this example LEACH project link is used)

  5. The GitHub repositories are by default cloned into "C:\Users\<current-user>\Source\Repos" system location. You can, however, choose a different path to clone/download the project folder if required.

  6. Click on the Clone button to clone/download the project's files to a local Git repository. Depending on the size of the repository, this process could take several minutes.

  7. After the repository has been cloned to your system, in Team Explorer, right-click on the newly cloned repository and choose the Open in File Explorer.

  8. The downloaded repository will be opened in Windows File Explorer.

  9. NetSim File Exchange Project folder is now successfully downloaded to your system.

Part-B: Importing the cloned workspace into NetSim

1. Open NetSim

2. In the NetSim home screen, select open simulation and click on workspace options

3. Click on More options

4. Click on the Import button, browse the cloned workspace, click on the select folder option and then click on Ok

5. This will import the cloned workspace into NetSim

Part-C: Accessing the source codes related to the project

1. After cloning and importing the workspace (Refer Part A and Part B), open NetSim and goto Open Simulation, and click on workspace options

2. Click on the Open code button

This will open the source codes related to the project in Visual Studio

Refer to the following link for R&D projects using Netsim