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NetSim 'simulates' open flow protocol and is loosely based on open flow v1.3. The focus of the controllers is to change the control plane (IP forwarding tables) of the routers. 

SDN module in NetSim features SDN controllers which can be used to control packet forwarding of all Layer 3 devices in the Network. 

SDN module is currently available for networks such as Internetworks, WSN/IoT, MANETs, VANETs and LTE. With this module, any layer 3 device such as a Router, L3 Switch, Wired/Wireless Nodes, Sensors, Gateway’s etc can be configured to be a SDN Controller. 

A network in NetSim can also have multiple SDN controllers configured.

For more details, refer: Network Simulator, NetSim, Emulator, 5G, Military Communication, Vehicular networks (