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NetSim VANET module features Basic Safety Messages(BSM). BSM application can be configured as a broadcast or unicast between the vehicles (V2V) and also between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I). In the case of BSM applications, Wave Short Message Protocol (WAVE) stack is used to describe a transport layer and network layer of the TCP/IP stack.  And for this reason in NetSim WSMP handles all Transport and Network layer functionalities. 

Network layer protocol - IP and routing protocols - AODV, DSR, ZRP, OLSR don't have any role to play. WSMP if enabled in the transport layer, the communication is direct from source to destination.

However, for other applications, types (CBR, Custom, Voice, Video, etc) you will be able to see the route establishment process and the role of TCP and UDP protocols. Also, in the case of BSM, if WSMP protocol is explicitly disabled in the device transport layer properties, the route establishment process and the effect of TCP/UDP can be seen.

(From v12 onwards, the BSM application works with WSMP protocol only.)

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