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NetSim License TypeDongle and MAC Based Floating License



NetSim licenses can be accessed remotely over the internet with a VPN connection to the institution network in which the license server is on. Note that there is no limit/restrictions in terms of software installations. Any number of software installs can be done. The number of machines that can simultaneously use NetSim is limited by the number of licenses your organization has purchased. 

A VPN (virtual private network) connection is simply a tunnel on a network, usually via the internet. If a machine is remotely connected via VPN to a company network then it should be able to contact a license server and check out a license.  The remote machine will be able to use the license as long as it remains connected via VPN.

Setting up VPN using 3rd Party Open source VPN tool - OpenVPN

  • Configuration at NetSim License Server
    • License Server Implementation
      • System Requirement: Windows 7 or higher based system with minimum configuration
      • Installation of NetSim License Server Dongle Driver
      • Running NetSim License Server Software with License Files
      • Make sure you have turned of System Sleep time to NEVER.
    • OpenVPN Setup
    • Defender Firewall Settings
      • Allowing the NetSim License Traffic based on Port Number
      • Port Numbers 5052, 5053, 5054
      • The steps will be based on the Antivirus that you install on your server. For example for Windows Defender Firewall please refer
  • Organization Main Router/ Firewall
    • Port Forwarding for OpenVPN Server
      • Ports: <The port number that is server listening to clients to connect> Usually it will be 1194 but it can be modified in the OpenVPN server file as per your need. (Mandatory)
  • NetSim User

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