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Packet collisions can occur in certain wireless protocols.  

Control packet collisions are likely to occur in wireless networks during route discovery in routing protocols like DSR, AODV, ZRP, OLSR, etc. 

The collided or errored packets can be observed in the NetSim trace files and in the animation logs.

The collided/ errored packets from a wireless node are written in the packet trace when the receiving device(s) is in the range of the transmitting node. A receiving device is said to be in range when the received signal strength is greater than the receive sensitivity.  The range of a device here depends on a number of factors like the transmitter power, antenna gains, RF channel, receiver sensitivity, etc.

Note that when the receiving device is out of range, the collided/ errored packets will not be marked in the packet trace. Users can infer such collisions by analyzing the event trace.

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