Applicable VersionsNetSim Academic  NetSim Standard NetSim Pro  

Applicable Releasesv13.0.29

This is an issue that occurs in the case of Wireless nodes running IEEE802.11 protocol, due to a bug in NetSim v13.0.29.

Please follow the steps given below to resolve this issue.

1. Open NetSim source code in Visual Studio by clicking on the Open Code button present in NetSim Home Screen via Open Simulation->Workspace Options->Open Code. 

2. Go to the IEEE802_11 project through the solution explorer and open the file IEEE802_11.c Add the lines of code highlighted in red inside the fn_NetSim_IEEE802_11_Configure() function as shown below:   

_declspec(dllexport) int fn_NetSim_IEEE802_11_Configure(void** var){

    NETSIM_ID d = *((NETSIM_ID*)var[3]);

    NETSIM_ID in = *((NETSIM_ID*)var[4]);

    DEVICE_MACLAYER(d, in)->isWiresharkWriter = true;

    return fn_NetSim_IEEE802_11_Configure_F(var);



3. Now right click on the IEEE802_11 module in the solution explorer and select rebuild. 

4. Now upon running any simulation with the Wireshark option enabled in a Wireless node with IEEE802.11 protocol configured, you will see that the source and destination addresses are displayed correctly without any fields marked as N/A.