Any real traffic irrespective of whether its a video, audio or a file transfer, can be sent into NetSim using the Emulation Application. 

Emulator is a add-on module, and Emulation application will be available in the Application type drop down only if users have licenses for NetSim Emulator.

Steps to configure 
    1 Run NetSim in Administrative Mode and create a basic network Scenario in any stack based protocol (Any network except Legacy Networks, Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee Network and Cellular Network) in NetSim. Screenshot of a sample scenario in Internetworks is shown below

2. Click and drop the Application. Right click on Application icon and select Properties.

3. In the Application Type select Emulation.
4. Select Source and Destination ID according to the network scenario and change the Source and Destination IP address according to the IP Address of the real systems that are streaming and receiving the video. Click on Accept.

5. Provide the Simulation Time as how long you want the Emulation to be performed. Make sure client system(s) are ready and then click Run Simulation.
During Simulation you will notice a change in the quality of the video being played in the destination PC. This is because the network created in NetSim has errors / delays etc in the links. The impact of this loss / jitter / delay etc in NetSim Emulator is seen on a real video stream.

A simple example of streaming video between two systems using VLC media player is explained in NetSim User Manual in the Emulator section.