Applicable VersionsNetSim StandardNetSim Pro

Applicable Releasesv13.2

The MCS for each gNB-UE pair is computed separately for UL and DL.

Enable radio measurements from the GUI prior to simulation for v13.3. 

Enabling radio measurements in v13.2 requires a small code modification as explained in section 3.19 of 5GNR Technology Library manual. Post simulation open the LTENR_Radio_Measurement.log file available in the Results Window under Log files

The following file will open. The MCS column is highlighted

Applicable Releasesv13.1

The MCS can be seen in the ltenr.log file available in the Results Window under Log files. Enabling this requires minor code modifications as explained in section 3.18 of 5GNR Technology library manual (v13.1).

This file may take a while to open since it is a large file. If you scroll down a bit you should see something similar to

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