The O2I Models such as Low Loss and High Loss are associated with the type of material used in the buildings and is used to calculate the penetration loss in case of an indoor scenario (per 3GPP TR 38 900)

In the case of a scenario where UE's are not inside a building, these parameters will not have any impact on the results. In an indoor scenario, users will be able to notice difference in the SNR.

The screen shot below shows a scenario with a building.  

Adding a building - Click the Building icon on the toolbar and place the building in the grid.
Buildings will have an impact on RF propagation losses if Pathloss_Shadowfading_O2ILOSS is selected as shown in the screenshot below.

Some points to note regarding placing buildings

  • Buildings can’t be dropped on any other devices (i.e., UE, gNB, EPC, etc.,)
  • A building occupies a minimum of 1 cell on the grid and a maximum size equal to the complete grid. The default size is 10 cells * 10 cells
  • An empty space of 10 cells * 10 cells within the grid is required to place a building
  • Two buildings cannot be overlap one another
  • Dragging (moving) of a building is possible only when no other devices are present inside it
  • A building can’t be resized or moved such that it covers an existing device
  • The resizing corners of a building include South and East edges and South-East corner
  • To remove a building from the grid, first, remove all device(s) that may be within it
  • Only UE’s and gNBs can be placed inside a building