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If Packet animation is enabled, NetSim automatically logs the position coordinates of Nodes with respect to time in Animation_Node_Movement.txt log file.

To access this log file follow the steps given below:
1. Run the simulation with Mobility model configured and packet animation enabled(Record Animation or Play & Record Animation options selected in the Run Simulation window).
2. After the simulation save the experiment from File->Save or File->Save as.
3. From the home screen of NetSim go to the Open Simulation/Your Work menu, right-click on the saved experiment name in the experiment list and select the Open Folder/Open Experiment Location option.

4. The file Animation_Node_Movement.txt contains the Node Mobility information in the following format:

5. This file contains a comma(,) separated values due to which this file can also be saved with extension .csv and can be opened in tools such as MS-Excel. This allows better visualization and filtering in case the network consists of multiple nodes with mobility configured.

6. After the file is saved as a *.csv file, it can be opened in MS-Excel or equivalent tools as shown below:

7. Details of a specific node can be quickly obtained by applying filters or using excel tables after which the ID of the can be filtered in the Device ID column.

8. Following sheet displays the details of Node 5 alone after applying filters: