Applicable VersionsNetSim Standard NetSim Pro 

Applicable Releasesv13.3

A customized NetSim workspace with source codes modified suitably to generate a Mobility Log file containing information such as Time, Device name, Device id, and X, Y, and Z coordinates, can be downloaded using the following project download Link:

Follow the instructions specified in the following link to download and set up the Project in NetSim:

The extracted project folder consists of a NetSim workspace and a modified NetSim XML file that adds the Mobility log option to the GUI Logs option.


Go to <NetSim_Install_Directory>\Docs\xml path, and rename the already existing RadioMeasurements.xml file to RadioMeasurements_original.xml as a backup. Copy and paste the RadioMeasurements.xml file from the downloaded project folder in the <NetSim_Install_Directory>\Docs\xml instead.

After importing the downloaded workspace in NetSim, create/open a network configuration where mobility is configured. Enable Mobility Log from Logs option.

The Mobility log can be accessed from the Simulation Results window post-simulation as shown below: