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This article explains the Users/ System administrator on how to provide internet-based access for NetSim on-premise license by using a port-forwarding technique

Port Forwarding


  • Configuration at NetSim License Server
    • License Server Implementation
      • System Requirement: Windows 7 or higher based system with minimum configuration
      • Installation of NetSim License Server Dongle Driver
      • Running NetSim License Server Software with License Files
      • Make sure you have turned of System Sleep time to NEVER.
    • Defender Firewall Settings
      • Allowing the NetSim License Traffic based on Port Number
      • Port Numbers 5052, 5053, 5054
      • The steps will be based on the Antivirus that you install on your server. For example for Windows Defender Firewall please refer
  • Organization Main Router/ Firewall
  • NetSim User
    • Internal User
      • Installation of NetSim Software
      • NetSim License Server IP is the IP address of the NetSim License Server System
    • External User
      • Installation of NetSim Software
      • NetSim License Server IP is the public IP of the organization network

Additional Information

Port forwarding allows remote computers (for example, computers on the Internet) to connect to a specific computer or service within a private local-area network (LAN).

If the router/modem connected to a system running NetSim license is capable of Port forwarding, then configure the Firewall as well as the router to allow access to the following ports:

1. Web-server-port# - 5054 for admin access the license portal
2. main-rlm-server-port# - 5053 
3. isv-port#  - for ISV (TETCOS) License server. We recommend you use Port no 5052.  The license file needs to edited based on the port number chosen. Add the desired port # to the ISV line as follows
ISV   isvname   port=isv-port#     (if you have RLM v9.0 or later),

For eg:

ISV tetcos port=5052

Therefore enable port forwarding for 5052, 5053, 5054 in the router connected to a system having the NetSim license.

Once port forwarding is set up, you can Run the NetSim license server in your system. In the NetSim Client system, you can use your system's public IP to run NetSim.

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